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Who is this guy, and why should I have him do my taxes….?

todd-thurston-aboutI’m a working theater actor in New York City, with over 30 years of experience in Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional, and national tour productions.

What you’ll find when you contact me for an appointment is a friendly, honest preparer who will be there for you year-round with answers and solutions to your tax-related issues.

As a working performing artist, I combine my understanding of your lifestyle with my expertise in the tax field, and will work with you so you’ll learn to manage and plan ahead for your tax and financial well being.


Twenty-three years ago, tired of relying on catering gigs between my theater jobs and looking for a way to utilize my ability with numbers, I started with H&R Block as a seasonal tax preparer. During my 11 tax seasons with them, they offered me great training, a varied clientele, and a supportive atmosphere.

Finally though, sensing a demand in the arts community for specialized tax assistance at a reasonable price, I left Block to launch my own tax preparation business.


Keeping in mind that many artists struggle every day to make a living, I make sure to keep my fees fair and affordable… what you pay for is my time and expertise, not office space and assistants.

To keep my expenses (and fees) low, I work out of my home in midtown Manhattan. I prepare all of the most common Federal individual tax forms, as well as returns for every state, and my fee always includes free e-filing.


I maintain a limited client base in order to give each return the time and attention it requires to ensure each client their maximum legal refund, (or as the case may be, the minimum balance due).

I like to get to know my clients on a face-to-face basis, but I also work very successfully with folks who live outside of New York by utilizing scanning/email, faxing, and the Postal Service.


I’ll make sure you understand everything that ends up on your return, and will never fabricate deductions in order to enhance a refund, so you can feel confident even in the very rare event that the tax authorities might want to take a second look at your returns.

I maintain the highest ethics, and fully respect every client’s privacy.

I’m Here to Help

Thanks for visiting my site… please call or email with questions, to set up an appointment, or to inquire about my fees.


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