Katie Palmer, Teaching Artist

When I look at my W-2s from my many different jobs, all I see is craziness. But Todd actually makes them make sense! Tax season feels approachable and non-threatening with Todd’s knowledge and friendliness.

Julie Ridge, LCSW-R

Todd Thurston has been preparing my son’s and my taxes for many years. He’s thorough, patient, and prompt. As an independent consultant, my taxes are sometimes tricky. Todd answers all of my questions with care. I recommend him highly … his fees are also very very reasonable!

Allison Lee

Todd took the mystery out of tax prep for me, providing easy to understand and fill-in forms. He is quick to respond to questions, thorough and very reasonable when it comes to cost.

Samantha Sand

Todd is the best combination of expertise, integrity and friendliness. All three of which I really need at tax time! Highly recommend.